Colonel  PK  “Royal” Mehrishi ( Retd )

Do you know the combined current we carry in our body? Well let us get the basics straight, there are 50 trillion cells in our body. Each cell produces about 1.4 volts of electricity, though not much individually but let’s multiply 50 trillion x 1.4, that is about 70 trillion volts of electricity. Too much of electricity floating in our bodies!! This combines to make us alive & develop our perception. The genes we carry in our body are a blue print, nothing more. Are we reading the blue print or not reading it, this happens only by perception. It is perception that makes us aware of who we are & what we are doing. If we change our perception we are altering our mind & when the mind is altered our body biology also undergoes a change.

The Sea Squirt as an aquatic animal has two life forms- mobile & immobile. It begins life moving around on brightly coloured tentacle like structures. Once it attaches itself to a rock it begins to digest its brain as the organ becomes redundant in the immobile phase. If humans stop moving, there will be no contraction of different muscles, and then they would have found their rock, like spending their lives in front of a television, virtually immobile, humans might as well eat their brains. Living life requires movement & therefore brain activity, which is again based on perception. Movement is not only essential but it actually makes our brain smarter in a kind of evolutionary feedback mechanism.Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment. It involves the use of all five senses.

Your state of mind is the most important factor in the outcome of your life. Negative emotions cause disease and Positive emotions are a crucial factor in recovery. Our thinking influences the moment by moment reproduction of cells in our body.  There is a constant two – way communication going on between our body and our brain. Recent research has found that not only does our brain    communicate with our cells but our cells also communicate with our brain and other parts of our body. Latest discovery by scientists also reveals that we think with more than just our brain, we think with our body as well. It is not inaccurate to look at our entire body as being part of the brain. Body’s incredible communication system involves our cell   receptors. Complete cells in our body can have millions of receptors on its face. The receptor molecules float on the cell’s oily outer membrane and have roots that reach deep inside the cell.  What a cell is up to at any moment is determined by which receptors are on its surface.


Other important functions in a cell are done by Peptides (are short chains of amino acids linked by amide bonds) In the human body, peptides are found in every cell and tissue and perform a wide range of essential functions. The type of peptide produced is determined by what we think & feel. The hypothalamus produces peptides that duplicate every emotion you experience, from anger, hate, sadness, frustration and depression to joy, enthusiasm and happiness. Peptides are channeled to the pituitary gland and then into the blood stream where they visit all fifty trillion cells in our body. The peptides dock onto the cells and create minute physiological changes that can translate to large changes in behavior, physical activity and mood. Whenever a new cell is produced it contains more receptors for whatever peptide it received that caused it to split. If cell received peptides produced by emotions of depression, the new cell will have more receptors for depression.

We rely on cell division for the reproduction, growth, repair and replacement of damaged, worn out or dead cells. Three hundred million cell divisions occur every minute to replace cells that die. Each day 2% of our blood cells die and are replaced by fresh ones. Every two months we have an entirely new blood supply. New cells are created according to what we think and feel. If you feel depressed for an hour you have produced 18 billion new cells that have more receptors calling out for depressed – type peptides and fewer calling out for feel good peptides. It is as if trillions of receptors are all cupping their little hands around mouths like tiny mega phones and  shouting “send us more depression”.


The human body is nothing but one vast receptor.  The more you engage in any type of emotion or behavior the greater your desire for it will become. This is true for anything, from depression and addictions of all kind to emotions like anger or happiness. It does not matter whether your craving is for        emotions like excitement, anger, depression, or joy or whether it is for the feelings you get from using addictive drugs or alcohol. Whatever you crave for is a result of your body & brain wanting and demanding it. A strong personal perception sustains us daily in everything we think and do. It gives us optimism and hope; it frees us from the tyranny of events. Everything that happens to us is because of our perception. Develop a winning perception by positive thoughts & auto suggestion to lead a healthy & remorse free life.




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