The Millennial Problem

Colonel PK “ Royal” Mehrishi ( Retd ) Introduction Managing Human Resource (HR) has and will always remain a challenge. Humans are complex creatures with varied nuances in their social backgrounds, schooling /training, parental up- bringing, peer learning & of course in their personal choices. Over the years, managing Human Resource in Institutions, Industry and Corporations has become increasingly difficult due to multiple factors of rapid urbanization, vacuous education system, I – me – myself syndrome, reduced attention span of individuals, self absorption and advent of technology. Factors The following factors will always remain the sine –qua-non of all Cadet … Continue reading The Millennial Problem


By Colonel  PK  “Royal” Mehrishi ( Retd ) Do you know the combined current we carry in our body? Well let us get the basics straight, there are 50 trillion cells in our body. Each cell produces about 1.4 volts of electricity, though not much individually but let’s multiply 50 trillion x 1.4, that is about 70 trillion volts of electricity. Too much of electricity floating in our bodies!! This combines to make us alive & develop our perception. The genes we carry in our body are a blue print, nothing more. Are we reading the blue print or not … Continue reading SCIENCE OF PERCEPTION:HOW IT DEFINES YOU !!

Mahabharata: The Journey from Self to Cosmic Vision

Mahabharata written by Rishi Ved Vyasa in 4th century BC is an epic of 2,00,000 verses written in Sanskrit. Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer has a total of 27,873 verses and is considered the longest poem ever written in the Western world. Not only is the Mahabharata the longest and the most detailed epic ever written in the world, it has universal lessons on all relationships and emotions that exist among us as humans. After the manifestation of primordial energy everything came to be differentiated into quality, color and shape ( mool maya) thus began the basic instinct for self … Continue reading Mahabharata: The Journey from Self to Cosmic Vision


  BY Colonel PK  “Royal” Mehrishi ( Retd)   Introduction   Ever wondered about the difference between a doer & a quitter ? An athlete, a good leader, a great parent?? Why do some people accomplish their goals & others can’t??? Usually we give credit to talent. Smarter, sharper, faster are the adjectives used to describe or compare a person. There is more to the story than talent alone. In fact, when you start looking into it, your talent and your intelligence don’t play nearly as big of a role as you might think. Research studies have found that intelligence … Continue reading DEVELOPING MENTAL TOUGHNESS: SCIENTIFICALLY

How to Negotiate From a Position of Weakness

I recently finished a course organized by Harvard Business School on “Negotiations and Deal Making”  at Mumbai. Some wonderful insights that came up during the discussions are :- 1. If your  Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is weak and you have less ground to maneuver do not give up. 2. It is a possibility  that the other side has the same problem ( weak BATNA) If not, then mapping & analysis of the other sides alternatives  can help you in deciding your course of action. 3. Romania after WW- I ( 1919) walked away with nearly double the … Continue reading How to Negotiate From a Position of Weakness

Jaipur : Smart City Ideas

Jaipur ; Smart City ( This article was written in 2016) By Colonel PK Royal – Mehrishi ( Retd) Introduction : According to census 2011, metropolitan Jaipur had a population of 36,46,590 with a ten yearly growth pegged at 27 %. In sheer numbers we will be as large as Washington DC with a population of about 42 lacs by end 2019. The problems confronting us are many but the concept of a fully functional smart city can become the harbinger of hope & change for the betterment of our society & city as a whole. Before we commence making … Continue reading Jaipur : Smart City Ideas

Tough Times : Inspirational One Liners

These Quotes are not mine !!  Even this shall pass.      2. Tough times don’t last , tough guys do.      3. When the going gets tough,the tough get going !!      4. The best is yet to come.      5. Revenge is a  dish, it’s best served when it is cold.      6. If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.      7. Problems are not stop signs,they are guidelines.      8. Tough times don’t define you ,they refine you.      9. When every ounce of your energy has been spent, … Continue reading Tough Times : Inspirational One Liners

Transcendence = Happiness & Bliss

Any given situation has four attributes, yourself, the second force- a human, animal, antagonist etc, could be a friend, peer, senior or subordinate or on the other extreme a wild animal, the prevailing situation- either full of challenges, opportunities, misery, happiness, fear, hope, injury or loss of life and the fourth force – is the outcome, which will manifest after a time lapse, but is presently hidden in the time – space continuum.   In life & death situations it is reflex or instinct for survival that will take over the rational mind, forcing you in the “fight or flight … Continue reading Transcendence = Happiness & Bliss

36 Learned Behavioral Skills:For A Lifetime Of Success !!

PART – 1 THE BODY   Almost all of us are trying to make  sense of the World around us. What is aggravating the situation is absence of coherence in our daily lives. While TV, Internet, Whatsapp, Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr,Snapchat are creating a situation of information overload.We have information available at our fingertips but at times are unable to process it to our advantage. To exacerbate this scenario we have poor eating habits,irregular sleep patterns, an urban culture of I – Me – Myself & lack of basic sensitivity to social issues. All of this combined is a ready recipe for disaster, … Continue reading 36 Learned Behavioral Skills:For A Lifetime Of Success !!